ABC's of Touring

Stay tuned.  HOG has not determined if they are going to run this contest for 2018.  As soon as we get the word one way or the other, this page will be updated.
Earn awesome prizes for riding, with the H.O.G.® ABCs of Touring Contest.
It's not whether you win or lose, it's the adventures you have along the way.

  1. 1.Ride: Get on your bike with a current issue of HOG® magazine or the H.O.G.® Touring Handbook.
    1. 2.Snap pictures featuring you, your Harley®, and the magazine/handbook cover in front of “official signs.” Collect points for each photo with a sign designating:
    2.            -Cities and towns starting with A-Z
    •            -Counties starting with A-Z
    •            -U.S. States
    •            -Canadian Provinces
    •            -National Parks
    •            -And more – see HOG Nat'l website for details.

      1. 3.Submit your photos and entry form available on HOG Nat'l website.

      2. 4.Win prizes based on your point total – plus a year’s worth of bragging rights.

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