Kathy "Shots" --Director

It all began many years ago when I was just a kid. My Dad got tired of me sitting in the window watching the boys fly around on their dirt bikes tearing up the apple orchard. I think a little guilt set in, and I'm very thankful!  So one day, he came home with a brand new Honda 50 - a beautiful red and white one. It didn't take long for me to learn how to ride it because it was a 3 speed automatic. "How easy is that", I  thought, and off I went. Who would have known all these years later, I'd still be riding. At least I grew up and learned how to shift. LOL. 

My bikes have also included Honda and Yamaha and I didn't "grow up" to a Harley until 1973 - a 350 Sprint. I didn't have that bike very long before I went back to Honda - a 750 Shadow. I rode the dickens out of that thing, but the vision owning another Harley never left my sight.  I watched Craiglist faithfully as my funds were limited and watched for a great deal.  Then one day I saw a 2007 Electroglide for sale at a price I considered inexpensive. So off to Troy MI I went and sure enough, I rode her home. I loved that bike. It felt like I was riding a Cadillac. So smooth. I rode that bike for years. But one day, I noticed my balance was becoming an issue and I worried about hurting myself, let alone somebody else. That's where my current 2012 Tri Glide came into play. When I decided to make the purchase, I seriously didn't like it at first. It took me 4 days of riding to go from hate to love. And love her I do. If and when you decide it may be time to make the switch to a trike, don't go by your reaction the first time you jump on it. Ride it. Give it a few days. You won't turn back. You'll be glad you did.

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