Road Captain's

A designated Road Captain will be the Point of Contact (POC) for each ride.  The main purpose for this is our own accountability and safety. 
Additionally, contacting the POC provides an opportunity for those who cannot make the meet point, to coordinate a possible place to join up during the ride. 
At rides designated as TCM eligible, the R/C will have sign in sheets for members so you can receive credit towards your "Total Chapter Miles" patches.

Thanks to all our Road Captains in advance for the extra time they will give planning and executing our rides this year. 

Some common acronyms you may see:
LMR-Last Minute Ride 
-Take Off Time 
-Kick Stands Up 
-Meet at the Event

Road Captains, all the forms you need can be printed from the attachments below.


Ride and Event worksheet.pdf121.16 KB
Event Release Form ADULT.pdf752.56 KB
Event Release Form MINOR (under 12).pdf917.08 KB
Minor Assumption of Risk Form (12 and older).pdf484.7 KB
Injury Report.pdf552.43 KB
TCM Sign-In Sheet for Road Captains.pdf31.47 KB
2016 Safety Refresher.pdf1.28 MB
Pre-Ride Brief Template 2018.pdf14.95 KB
destination_2018_w-o_1.pdf97.02 KB
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